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Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3

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Not all secrets of the Playtime factory have been unveiled. You are to return to this place for more details and further exploration. If you played the first two chapters, you know the chilling rumors about the mysterious disappearance of people from here in the past. The seemingly abandoned building turns out to be full of weird residents – these are toys that turned into evil monsters. They guard the factory and aggressively meet everyone who enters their territory without an invitation. However, your character is determined to dig out the truth despite all the deadly dangers.

New challenges await you!

After previous meetings with Huggy Wuggy and Mommy Long Legs. These antagonists are not joking when they are threatening to kill you. Blue monster can embrace you in deadly hugs while the treacherous spider is dreaming of wrapping you in her web until your final sigh. But these are not the only enemies that will try to deal with you. Other insane toys are rubbing their hands anticipating to make you their next victim. You will meet new opponents that will hunt after you. So activate your logic and agility as you will need them during the walkthrough. You will continue to explore the factory until you get enough evidence to restore the past events. Accept this unforgettable challenge as you navigate this eerie environment. Will you prove your smartness and courage or give up to your adversaries? The outcome depends on you!

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