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Five Nights at Freddy’s

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Are you in the right mood for a new horror experience? Then welcome to Freddy’s pizzeria, where you are going to fill a vacancy of a security guard. The request is to spend five night shifts in this place, and the payment looks really tempting. The pizzeria is well-known and popular among kids and adults, in particular for its animated toys that entertain all the visitors. However, you do not know many things about these lovely-looking animatronics. Unfortunately, nothing pleasant awaits you – your ultimate goal will be to only to survive!

Toys will transform into monsters!

Despite your hopes of a peaceful night, as soon as the last visitor departs and you lock the doors, you notice something alarming. Someone is still lurking within the pizzeria. Prepare for a shocking discovery. Cute toys have undergone a complete transformation. They have become aggressive creatures that only dream of capturing you. No one is around to protect you. Your only recourse is to temporarily activate the auto lock feature in your small office and manage to survive until morning. You can also use the surveillance cameras to monitor the movements of these treacherous robots and take care to avoid crossing paths with them. Remember, each robotic toy possesses unique characteristics and attacks in its own distinctive manner. Ensure you mislead them and find hiding spots promptly. Wishing you the best of luck!

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