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Let’s plunge in a realm of fear in The Backrooms. This online experience gives you a simple objective: find an exit from a maze. However, be prepared for the most chilling survival experience you have ever experienced. You will find yourself in a strange place, and you are absolutely alone here. Just a feeling of hopelessness is floating in the air. The empty labyrinth looks abandoned, yet very uncomfortable. Are you ready to flee, or will you dare to take on this challenge? Show that you possess the courage required for this eerie endeavor!

Explore the place and overcome your fear!

At first glance, the place where your thrilling journey begins may not seem terrifying. It appears as an endless succession of rooms and corridors covered with faded yellow wallpaper. This labyrinth appears endless. Additionally, you will develop a strong feeling that someone is watching you. Despite there is no one around, you clearly see strange shadows, and your ears detect unsettling noises. Could it be the case that you are losing your sanity? Or is it only someone’s sinister joke? No matter how little your chance to survive looks, you must continue. But be more attentive – some hints are right in front of you. Don’t disregard even the tiniest pieces of paper, as they might contain crucial messages to help you stay alive. Overall, this game offers an enthralling collection of puzzles that will test your brainpower and logic. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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