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The Baby In Yellow

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Even the most seasoned fans of the horror genre will find this chilling challenge captivating. This time, you’ll assume the role of a humble babysitter, entrusted with the care of a young child while their parents are away. Initially, things develop as you expect it – the baby is friendly and playful. However, as the day rolls on and the day is coming to its end, the situation takes a sharp turn. You start noticing strange things: milk bottles vanish without explanation, lights flicker and even disappear. Yet, you believe it is only mere forgetfulness. But then you get really alarmed – the baby mysteriously disappears within the depths of the mansion.

What secrets are hidden here?

The mansion looks very gloomy, and you are not excited at all to explore endless rooms and corridors. However, you must find the missing baby at all costs. As you navigate through this place, you’ll encounter terrifying traps. Who could have set them all? To unveil the answers to your questions, you must solve a multitude of intricate puzzles. Get ready to overcome numerous hazards and obstacles. Do not allow fear to consume your mind. Immerse yourself in this spine-chilling challenges and secrets. Only you possess the capability to uncover the truth about this family and decide the fate of the missing baby. It is a daunting journey for the smartest players that are not afraid of risk! Prove you belong to their number!

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