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Super Rainbow Friends

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This horror game is an excellent crossover of the two unbelievably popular projects – Rainbow Friends and Among Us. If you are a true horror fan, you know well that both projects represent evil monsters the players need to confront. In the former one, these are colored creatures that possess various killing powers. And in the latter one, you are to deal with an anonymous killer who hunts after crew members on a spaceship. But this time, these antagonists will meet in a new story. It already sounds incredibly exciting, doesn’t it? So you should not leave this page until you find out the further development of this adventure! You will love this engaging horror challenge!

The main mission is to survive!

This time, the spaceship is in even more danger. Besides evil impostors, terrible rainbow friends managed to penetrate it. You know well these creatures are inventive and adaptive. So they immediately learned all the routes here and even the ventilation shafts. The colored beasts immediately start on the hunt after innocent crew mates. Is there any chance to survive in this terrible confrontation? If you have excellent reflexes and well-working logic, you will surely do everything correctly. Make sure you learn everything about the attacking methods of rainbow friends. It will allow you to keep at a safe distance from your enemies. Do not leave them a single chance to outwit you. Good luck!

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