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Roblox Doors

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What about a new horror challenge to add to your list of victories? This time, adventure unfolds on the Roblox platform. You are welcome to a virtual hotel full of mysteries. Your task seems to be simple – you must go through all its rooms and open all the doors. But it is going to be a hundred different doors. And the main thing is that you never know what awaits you behind each of them. Your mission is considered completed when you successfully reach the exit. But this journey contains a lot thrills and challenges to go through before you finally succeed. Are you up for handling it? Then let’s open the first door and enjoy the first trial?

Be prepared to take urgent decisions!

There are different surprises that may await you in each room. It is a vast array of tasks to complete. Some of them will come in a form of puzzles that you need to solve to continue. In other situations, you will need to find particular objects hidden in the room. But in many cases, you will be confronted by a monster who will try to defeat you. And you will need to find a way to outperform your opponent. Moreover, the next door you need to open is usually locked, and you will have to find a key to continue your dangerous journey. Are you sure you possess enough courage for this adventure? Accumulate points as you progress the game and buy various tools to simplify your task. You can get lockpicks, flashlights and various boosters to speed up your victory!

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