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If you are a true fan of horror adventures, you should not miss an absolutely epic series where you will learn what real fear might feel like. It is a collection of games where you must escape from a gloomy house that belongs to an old scary woman. Every chapter starts with the moment when the protagonist wakes up in a new place that looks spooky and unfriendly. No wonder as this dwelling belongs to a demonic granny. She spent too much time in isolation and became absolutely mad and determined to kill everyone who gets inside her home. Your outcome is predefined if you do not run away. So you have no other solution but to move to the front door despite unbelievable risk.

It may be not just Granny!

The antagonist will keep roaming around the house. The evil granny will be checking every corner of her house ready to attack you with her baseball bat. She will immediately notice even the slightest noise and spot you. Find inconspicuous places to hide when your enemy is too close. You will have an ability to stun your enemy for a few seconds to run away in a critical situation. But the worst thing is that sometimes Granny is not alone. She has assistants – these are insane Grandpa and treacherous Slendrina. You have only five attempts to get out of this prison. But if you fail them all, you will stay here forever. So try to think logically about how to mislead your enemies and run away! The walkthrough will keep you fully immersed!

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