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Funny Park

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What do you expect from a trip to an amusement park? Lots of fun. Lots of attractions. And probably some cotton candy. Not this time! In this game, you’re about to run, hide and fight for your life trying to get away from a crazy mascot who came alive and wants to kill you. Will you be able to do that? Then welcome to Funny Park!

Too creepy for a park

At first, everything seems rather calm and safe. The place is a bit eerie, being all empty and obviously desolate for years, but that’s all. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, you just roam the halls and various locations, crack codes, open doors, interact with objects – been there, done that. The only thing to disturb you once in a while is a slot machine suddenly popping out loud music out of the blue when you approach it or the lights starting to flicker and crackle for no apparent reason. And the echo of your footsteps quickly become the usual soundtrack of all the horrors that are about to unfold.

But wait! In a very little while, things are about to get much more macabre. You’ll start coming across troubling signs that you’re actually not alone here. You’ll see traces of someone’s presence, and the scariest thing is that you won’t be able to figure out or even suggest who or what that might be. You just have that feeling you’re being watched, maybe even followed, and you will get a clearer and clearer apprehension that this creature, whatever it is, will soon make its move. So you’d better be prepared!

There is a monster after you!

This creature you’re afraid of is actually a giant mascot, a happy-looking bear or rabbit, one can’t say for sure, that used to greet visitors and be the first association that comes to your mind when you think of going to Funny Park again. But now it’s a brutal killer thirsty for your blood. And the creepiest thing is that he likes playing games (the place is called Funny Park after all!).

Good news: he won’t attack too soon. Bad news: he will probably drive you all insane and paranoid with suspense and jump scares. So you’d better brace your nerves for a horror adventure like nothing else! And you definitely should think of any means to defend yourself if you’re attacked all of a sudden. Any item you find may turn out to be a key to some door, a tool you can use to solve another puzzle or even a weapon. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t throw away anything without thinking about how you can it! Funny Park is waiting, so let’s pay it a visit right now!

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